Monday, July 17, 2006


Earthly folk meets celestial classics

On Saturday, July 15th, I had the pleasure and honour of sharing the stage, in Montreal, Qc, Canada, with Surojit Chatterjee lead singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer of Bhoomi, a band from Calcutta, India. We performed along with Subir Dev on tablas and Jean-François Garneau on vocals and guitar, as well as Jayanta Guha - the instigator of this meeting - on percussion. What a treat for the soul! If anyone had ever told me that I, a native Montrealer, would one day spend an evening singing songs in Bengali with such accomplished musicians, and that songs from my repertoire would be played with the addition of Indian spices, I wouldn't have believed it. Yet it happened. It's because of magical encounters such as these that I choose to make music. For that matter, they prove that our planet really is a small place.
Our portion of the concert was followed by two classical Indian virtuosi: Ranajit Sengupta and Subhajyoti Guha, sarod and tabla. They took us to another time and place.
The evening was organized by Montreal's Kabir cultural centre. Marvelous!

Oui, comme disait le regretté poète brésilien Vinicius de Moraes, 'la vie est l'art des rencontres'. Comme elle applique ce principe, Joanne voyagera sûrement beaucoup, déployant peu à peu le bonheur de son monde yôyê...
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